Speaking Topics


“When God & Cancer Meet”WhenGodAndCancerMeet

Session I: Confronting the Reality of Illness 

  1. Becoming an “optimalist”
  2. Becoming an “ideal patient”

Session II: Effectively fighting the Battle

  1. The tyranny of positive thinking
  2. The myth of handling trials

Session III: Winning the Battle

  1. Beating cancer no matter what
  2. Moving from under the shadow of illness
  3. Refusing to limit God


Inspiration & Encouragement for Cancer Survivors & their Caregivers

30- to 60-minute talks suitable as keynote presentations, workshops or motivational speeches Once I know your target audience, vision for the event and time-frame, I can suggest which topic(s) would be best for you group.

  • Laughter as Healing Medicine—45- to 60-min. normally done as a keynote. My most popular talk—lots of funny stories and jokes, as well as the science behind why laughter is physiologically good for us. Can be done in a secular or faith-based setting.
  • When God & Cancer Meet: 10 Choices to Make It Happen 40-min. inspirational talk with optional power point. Ten choices patients and their caregivers can make, including “Choose to refuse being positive all the time” and “Choose to be a victor, not a victim.”
  • Parachute-packing Friends and How They Bring Healing Hope 45-min. inspirational talk especially good for audience which includes a lot of caregivers (volunteer or professional). Heartwarming/encouraging stories/illustrations/quotes. Can be combined with talk below for a 2-hour event including a 30-min break in the middle. (Sometimes I use the title “How to Give and Receive Healing Hope.”)
  • God’s Faithfulness in the Midst of Life’s Unfairness—Approx. 35-min. inspirational talk. Encouraging stories of how God is faithful and can be trusted even when life is hard. Can be combined with above talk for a 2-hour event with 30-min break in the middle.
  • Knowing when to Relax—Approx. 45-min. Longer version of above talk. Inspirational stories, biblical examples.
  • Coping Emotionally & Spiritually with Cancer—Approx. 30 min. with optional power. More of a “lecture” format, but still encouraging.
  • Do I Positively Have to Stay Positive? –Approx. 30-min. talk showing that we need to be “true” to our emotions and don’t have to be “up” all the time. I explain the physiological benefits of tears, which are a gift from God and at times need to be expressed. Tears as a Gift–Same talk (with different name) for audience of grievers.
  • The Truth about Grief—Approx. 45-min. Inspirational talk for those who have lost a loved one. I share five truths about grief including “You WILLsurvive” and “Love never goes to waste.”

(Also some of the above topics can be tweaked and used in professional settings)

    • Ethics and Prayer in End-of-Life Issues
    • How Spiritual Care Can Be Integrated into Healthcare
    • Role of Patient Advocate in Meeting Spiritual Needs


“When God & Grief Meet”

  • Feeling Your World Fall Apart
  • Letting Down & Letting Go
  • Wondering What’s Next