Speaking Topics


“A Morning of HOPE”
(formerly titled “When God & Cancer Meet”)WhenGodAndCancerMeet

Session I

  1. Becoming an “optimalist”
  2. Becoming an “ideal patient”

Session II

  1. The tyranny of positive thinking
  2. The myth of handling trials

Session III

  1. Beating cancer no matter what
  2. Moving from under the shadow of illness
  3. Refusing to limit God

Please email me at cancerhope4u@gmail.com for details on this seminar, which features encouraging stories, a powerpoint, handout and uplifting music. 


Inspiration & Encouragement for Cancer Survivors & their Caregivers

30- to 60-minute talks suitable as keynote presentations, workshops or motivational speeches Once I know your target audience, vision for the event and time-frame, I can suggest which topic(s) would be best for you group.

  • Laughter as Healing Medicine—45- to 60-min. normally done as a keynote. My most popular talk—lots of funny stories and jokes, as well as the science behind why laughter is physiologically good for us. Can be done in a secular or faith-based setting.
  • When God & Cancer Meet: 10 Choices to Make It Happen 40-min. inspirational talk with optional power point. Ten choices patients and their caregivers can make, including “Choose to refuse being positive all the time” and “Choose to be a victor, not a victim.”
  • Parachute-packing Friends and How They Bring Healing Hope 45-min. inspirational talk especially good for audience which includes a lot of caregivers (volunteer or professional). Heartwarming/encouraging stories/illustrations/quotes. Can be combined with talk below for a 2-hour event including a 30-min break in the middle. (Sometimes I use the title “How to Give and Receive Healing Hope.”)
  • God’s Faithfulness in the Midst of Life’s Unfairness—Approx. 35-min. inspirational talk. Encouraging stories of how God is faithful and can be trusted even when life is hard. Can be combined with above talk for a 2-hour event with 30-min break in the middle.
  • Knowing when to Relax—Approx. 45-min. Longer version of above talk. Inspirational stories, biblical examples.
  • Coping Emotionally & Spiritually with Cancer—Approx. 30 min. with optional power. More of a “lecture” format, but still encouraging.
  • Do I Positively Have to Stay Positive? –Approx. 30-min. talk showing that we need to be “true” to our emotions and don’t have to be “up” all the time. I explain the physiological benefits of tears, which are a gift from God and at times need to be expressed. Tears as a Gift–Same talk (with different name) for audience of grievers.
  • The Truth about Grief—Approx. 45-min. Inspirational talk for those who have lost a loved one. I share five truths about grief including “You WILLsurvive” and “Love never goes to waste.”

(Also some of the above topics can be tweaked and used in professional settings)

    • Ethics and Prayer in End-of-Life Issues
    • How Spiritual Care Can Be Integrated into Healthcare
    • Role of Patient Advocate in Meeting Spiritual Needs


“When God & Grief Meet”

  • Feeling Your World Fall Apart
  • Letting Down & Letting Go
  • Wondering What’s Next