Inspirational Words from Lynn

A Word to the Weary

With this news strengthen those who have tired hands and encourage those who have weak knees. Say to those who are afraid, “Be strong and do not fear for your God is coming…” Isaiah 35:3,4

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The Heart, Mind and Soul of a Cancer Survivor

Dear friend, I wish you well on your-or your loved one’s-journey with cancer.
I wish you a heart that has found the right attitude-a positive, realistic attitude.
I wish you a mind that has found peace-by replacing worries with better thoughts and by focusing on the present and not on the “what-ifs” of the future.
And I wish you a soul that has found hope-a hope based on the God of all Creation, who gives life true meaning. 

God can make blessing come from cancer when God and cancer meet, but we have to let Him choose the blessing. On the fifth anniversary of my cancer surgery, I wrote the following poem summing up what my journey with cancer has taught me:

When your world is crashing down around you, trust Him.
When what is unfolding doesn’t make sense, trust Him.
When you see no light at the end of the tunnel, trust Him.
When your silent tears spill down, trust Him.
When the pain refuses to subside, trust Him.
When your heart screams, “Why?” trust Him.
When you have more questions than answers, trust Him.
When the devil tells you otherwise, trust Him.
When it’s the last thing you feel like doing, trust Him.
When there’s simply nothing else to do, trust Him.

Be encouraged: God can be trusted in all things . . . even cancer.

Copyright Lynn Eib 2002. Excerpted from When God & Cancer Meet: True stories of hope & healing.


Living Free-of-Cancer

I really enjoy listening to the Dave Ramsey radio talk show on financial advice. Ramsey preaches a message of living debt-free, and when people reach that coveted pinnacle he urges them to call in to the show and scream at the top of their lungs on air: “I’m debt free!!!”

I’d love to see a similar show for those cancer survivors who’ve gotten good test results or had successful surgery to call in and holler: “I’m cancer-free!!!”

But my hope and my prayer is that all of us cancer survivors and our loved ones could call up and proclaim: “I’m free-of-cancer!!!”

To me, living in the shadow of the Almighty is the secret to finding the light in cancer’s shadow. It means trusting the Almighty to keep our minds, our hearts, and our souls, free-of-cancer-whether or not our bodies are.

Cancer does not occupy my mind.
It is seized with God’s perfect peace.

Cancer has no place in my heart.
It is filled with God’s awesome love.

Cancer cannot touch my soul.
It is saved by God’s amazing grace.

I am free-of-cancer.

Copyright Lynn Eib 2006. Excerpted from Finding the Light in Cancer’s Shadow: Hope, humor & healing after treatment.