Bulk Ordering Discounts

If you want to give away copies of my books, I am happy to offer BULK DISCOUNTS to you. I usually sell them by the case or half-case, but may make special exceptions for lesser amounts for you/your organization.

I have done this for years with Cozy Quilt Ministries, which
includes a copy of my first book When God & Cancer Meet with every handmade quilt they give to cancer patients (more than 7,000 to date!) In addition, I partner with these non-profits who give away copies of my books: Radiant Hope in PA, Believe Big in MD, and Chemo Crew in CA. (You can read more about each under Support & Encouragement Resources https://lynneib.com/index.php/cancer-patient-resources/.

I also have a couple chaplains at hospitals who buy bulk books to give away in their chemo rooms, as well as physicians who offer them to their cancer patients. I even have a sweet woman in Florida who personally bought and gave away more than 500 copies of my books in the clinic where she was treated!

(You are never to young to start reading and giving away my books as evidenced by my grandson Ben many years ago!)

Please email me at cancerhope4u@gmail.com to discuss your needs and receive a price list so we can partner together sharing God’s hope.