Responding to life’s disappointments

          I’m trying to keep in mind a saying my good friend Doris Martin often would use after something went wrong: “Well. if that’s the worst thing that happens to me today, it will be a pretty good day.” And for many disappointments in life, that phrase works well. It fits my dilemma today–once again I am having technical problems with my blog and it is not posting correctly to Facebook. Last week it also did not email correctly the first time to all of you and I apologize if you got it twice–or not at all! I have someone younger, smarter and much more techy than I am working on it, but every time he thinks he has it fixed…it’s not. So because of that hassle AND the fact that our middle daughter Bethany and her three kids, 3, 5, and 6 1/2 are visiting from Indiana this week (and the rest of our local family have been coming over everyday!), I did not get a blog done. I am very sorry not to have a special word for you today and am praying that God brings encouragement to you from many other sources. And I also hope you might be able to agree with my friend Doris that if not getting my blog emailed is the worst thing that happens to you today…it will be a pretty good day! I am including a song  which I pray reminds you that even though friends like me may let you down, God always will be faithful!  

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